Get hands-on AI training.

Join The Rundown AI University to access hundreds of AI use cases, daily tutorials, weekly workshops, and an exclusive network of AI early adopters.

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What you’ll get

Whether you’re an AI beginner or expert, keeping up with the latest AI use cases is the most important skill of 2024. Let us do the research, so you can focus on results.

150+ AI Use Cases

Instantly get access to over 150+ curated use cases to seamlessly apply the best AI tools into your work, save time, and boost productivity.

Every use case comes with a simple, beginner friendly step-by-step tutorial.

Daily tutorials

While standard courses struggle to keep pace with AI, our research team creates new tutorials on the latest tools daily. 

Applicable real-world use cases only.

Expert-Led workshops

We dive deeper into the biggest AI developments with weekly live workshops hosted by Dr. Alvaro Cintas.

Previous workshops are all recorded and include a full powerpoint presentation, Q&A session, and freebies.

An Exclusive AI community

Network with an exclusive community of AI-first professionals who are already working faster, and smarter with AI.

Find out how other early adopters are applying AI in their work and businesses.

Free access & discounts to AI tools

Through our vast network of over 100 partnerships with major AI companies, we also offer University members free access or major discounts to the most popular AI tools.

Meet the instructors

Rowan Cheung

Rowan will be actively researching the latest workflows and helping members with integration.

His mission is to democratize access to AI education and ultimately help create a more efficient human workforce.


Rowan Cheung is the Founder and CEO of The Rundown AI, the world’s largest AI newsletter with over 650,000 subscribers.

He has grown The Rundown from zero to over half a million subscribers in just over a year through his engaging content on the latest AI tools and developments.

Beyond The Rundown, Rowan shares his expertise in AI across social media and has acquired a personal following of over 500,000 people by providing immense value to the space.

In 2023 alone, Rowan achieved over 1 billion organic impressions on X (formerly known as Twitter) through his AI news and tutorial updates.

This achievement helped rank Rowan among the world’s top ten most influential Founders on X. He shares this space with well-known names such as Elon Musk, Sam Altman, and Gary Vee.

In his spare time, you can find Rowan exploring new AI tools, connecting with industry leaders at AI meetups, or going on outdoor adventures like hiking in the backcountry of British Columbia.

Dr. Alvaro Cintas

Alvaro will be creating tutorials, hosting weekly workshops, and answering member questions.

His goal is to empower members from all backgrounds with the skills they need to start using AI tools in their work.

Dr. Alvaro Cintas holds a Ph.D. in computer engineering and is a Professor at the forefront of AI research and education.

He is highly experienced in speaking, consulting, and educating around the topics of the latest AI tools and integration.

Beyond teaching, Alvaro shares his knowledge on AI across social media and has acquired a personal following of over 50,000 people by providing immense value to the space.

In his spare time, you can find Alvaro reading the latest AI research papers, working on new projects, or showcasing his tennis skills on the court.

Start automating your work today

Instantly unlock 150+ AI use cases that come with beginner-friendly step-by-step tutorials to help you seamlessly apply them. We create new tutorials daily based on the latest AI developments and community suggestions.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Rundown University is hosted on Circle, an all-in-one platform that combines the best of Facebook Groups, Slack, and Zoom into one powerful community hub.

It’s easy to navigate and 
offers a ton of awesome features to supercharge your learning experience, such as automations, tutorial hosting, live classes, community discussions, notifications, a mobile app, and more.

Weekly AI workshops will be led by Dr. Alvaro Cintas, our AI instructor who holds a PhD in Computer Engineering, is a university professor in his day job, and has been teaching and applying AI in his spare time for years.

Workshops are beginner-friendly and always keep pace with the latest AI developments. Each week, you’ll dive into the newest AI tool workflows and discover how to apply them in a fun, engaging way. After an hour of class-style workshops, you’ll have 15-30 minutes of interactive Q&A to get any burning questions answered live.

Classes will be live, but will also be recorded if you can’t make it.

While other AI courses rarely get updated, our unique University structure of creating new tutorials every day, weekly workshops, and active community support can keep up to pace with the latest AI tools and techniques.

By choosing a membership over a one-time course, you’re not just investing in your AI education—you’re joining a movement of early adopters who will be the face of tech in the next decade. We’ll keep you accountable and motivated to truly leverage the opportunity, and our community might open doors you never knew existed.

Our goal with The Rundown University is to keep it accessible while still charging enough to keep you accountable.

That’s why we’ve priced The Rundown University membership at just $99/month or $999/year (saving you 15% if you go annual!).

Please keep in mind, this pricing won’t be around forever. 
As our community grows and we continue to add even more value, we’ll be increasing the price to maintain the tight-knit, engaged vibe that makes The Rundown University so special. If you sign up at the current pricing, your membership rate will be locked in for life.

The Rundown AI newsletter is entirely free.

If you signed up to our free newsletter at, you will continue to receive our daily emails covering the latest AI news, tools, and research.

However, to get more hands on and learn how other early adopters are actually applying AI, instantly unlock thousands of dollars of value, join our live workshops, and network with the community — The Rundown University is for you.

You can cancel your membership at anytime in your Account → Billing → Subscription and select a three-dot menu to the right and choose ‘cancel.’

While we don’t offer refunds at this time (since you’ll gain access to thousands of dollars’ worth of materials right off the bat), we want to make sure you’re 100% confident in your decision to join The Rundown University.

If you have any questions or concerns, our friendly support team is always here to help. Just shoot us an email at [email protected], and we’ll make sure you have everything you need to make an informed decision.

We’re in this together, and we can’t wait to see you inside The Rundown University!

Yes, we offer enterprise pricing. To get set up, please contact [email protected]